Clinical Mental Health Counseling

MS in Counseling

The Counseling Program offers a Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. This 60-hour track prepares graduates to counsel in clinical mental health settings such as mental health centers, private counseling agencies, drug abuse treatment centers, centers for counseling older adults, child protective services, child counseling clinics, family counseling centers, pastoral counseling settings, private practice, and business and industry. Students completing the entire sequence of course work will meet the educational requirements for the Texas State License in Professional Counseling. However, to obtain a License in Professional Counseling, the State of Texas stipulates additional requirements such as passing the national counseling exam and obtaining 3,000 clock hours of supervised clinical experience after the Masters degree has been obtained. 

What marketable skills will I learn?

  • Conceptualize and utilize one consistent theory of counseling with community clients
  • Critically evaluate and resolve ethical dilemmas in work with community clients
  • Demonstrate culturally competencies, including advocacy and social justice, in work with community clients
  • Demonstrate use of accurate microskills and advanced skills in work with community clients
  • Applied principles of social justice in a semester-long collaborative team project