Clinical Mental Health Counseling

MS in Counseling

MS in Counseling (60 hr-Clinical Mental Health Counseling)

The Counseling Program offers a Master of Science degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. This 60-hour track prepares graduates to counsel in clinical mental health settings such as mental health centers, private counseling agencies, drug abuse treatment centers, centers for counseling older adults, child protective services, child counseling clinics, family counseling centers, pastoral counseling settings, private practice, and business and industry. Students completing the entire sequence of course work will meet the educational requirements for the Texas State License in Professional Counseling. However, to obtain a License in Professional Counseling, the State of Texas stipulates additional requirements such as passing the national counseling exam and obtaining 3,000 clock hours of supervised clinical experience after the Masters degree has been obtained.  Consult the Texas Department of Health website for details at

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Required Courses for MS in Counseling


Taken In Any Order Within #

Program Course Number - Course Title

1st semester


COUN 5710D - Counseling Theories

1st semester


COUN 5680D - Basic Counseling Skills.



EPSY 5050D - Educational Research and Evaluation (prereq. To 5760D /5730D )



COUN 5670D - Developmental Processes and Strategies



COUN 5765 Appraisal in Counseling




COUN 5100 Counseling Professional Orientation and Ethical Practice



COUN 5790D - Counseling Culturally Diverse Clients



COUN 5200D - Counseling Adolescents or COUN 5700D - Introduction to Play Therapy

Sem. Before 5690


COUN 5660D - Advanced Counseling Skills (prereq. to COUN 5740D)



COUN 5470D - Career Development and Information Resources



COUN 5740D - Group Counseling Theories and Procedures

COUN 5480 - Biopsychosocial Assessment and Wellness in Counseling

COUN 5610 Drug and Addiction Counseling for Counselors

COUN 5490 Crisis Intervention Counseling

COUN 5500 Human Sexuality in Counseling

Sem. Before 5720


COUN 5690D - Practicum in Counseling

Sem. Before 5721


COUN 5720D - Internship in Counseling I



COUN 5300D - Systems, Leadership, and Program Development in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Last sem. of prog


COUN 5721D - Internship in Counseling II



COUN 5580D - Family Counseling or COUN 5640D - Group Play Therapy or COUN 5610D - Drug and Addiction Education for Counselors

*The MS degree requires a minimum of 60 semester hours including successful completion of internship, COUN 5720D/COUN 5721D, and passing a comprehensive examination.