Master of Education in School Counseling

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The UNT Dallas Graduate School offers a MEd in Counseling (48 hr-School Counseling and a Texas School Counseling Endorsement/Deficiency Plan for people who already have a 48 hr Masters in counseling. Grow your career and help students as you expand your role with a Master of Education in School Counseling.  The MEd in School Counseling at University of North Texas at Dallas is a well respected program in the field.  It is nationally accredited through the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Education Programs (CACREP), and is designed specifically for students who want to work toward certification as a school counselor in Texas.  It is a 48-hour graduate program with a real-world, applicable curriculum designed to empower students to meet the demands of today's school counselor.

The MEd program is designed to comply with existing Texas Education Agency standards for professional certification. Students take the TEA Certification Exam for School Counseling during their COUN  5690 Practicum in School Counseling class. In addition,  all students must take the comprehensive examination during the Supervised Internship II in School Counseling (COUN 5721)Students must be enrolled in the university when taking the comprehensive examination and when applying for graduation.

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These program areas meet the educational requirement for Certification as a School Counselor in Texas; however, candidates must also have two years of teaching experience as teacher of record (not as a substitute teacher) and pass the TExES-Counselor examination to be eligible for School Counseling Certification in Texas.  Individuals seeking certification in other states are urged to contact the appropriate state(s) because their requirements may differ. 

Job Outlook

Starting salaries are comparable to starting teacher salaries for School Counselors, with most districts giving extra money for an additional master's degree. Elementary schools may have two or three counselors at one time, middle schools may have five or six, and high schools can have 12 to 15, depending on enrollment. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that school counselor employment will increase by 12 percent from 2012 to 2022. The average annual income of school counselors is $56,160 as of May 2018, with salaries tending to stretch as low as $31,850 for the bottom 10 percent and as high as $86,870 for the top 10 percent.

Required Courses for M.Ed. in Counseling


Taken In Any Order Within #

Program Course Number - Course Title

1st semester


COUN 5710D - Counseling Theories

1st semester


COUN 5680D - Basic Counseling Skills.



EPSY 5050D - Educational Research and Evaluation (prereq. To 5765D )



COUN 5670D - Developmental Processes and Strategies



COUN  5461 Professional School Counseling



 COUN 5765 Appraisal in Counseling




COUN 5100 Counseling Professional Orientation and Ethical Practice



COUN 5790D - Counseling Culturally Diverse Clients



COUN 5200D - Counseling Adolescents or COUN 5700D - Introduction to Play Therapy

Sem. Before 5690


COUN 5660D - Advanced Counseling Skills (prereq. to COUN 5740D)



COUN 5470D - Career Development and Information Resources



COUN 5740D - Group Counseling Theories and Procedures

Sem. Before 5720


COUN 5690D - Practicum in Counseling

Sem. Before 5721


COUN 5720D - Internship in Counseling I

Last sem. of prog


COUN 5721D - Internship in Counseling II



COUN 5580D - Family Counseling or COUN 5640D - Group Play Therapy or COUN 5610D - Drug and Addiction Education for Counselors

*The MEd degree requires a minimum of 48 semester hours including successful completion of an internship, COUN 5720D/COUN 5721D, and passing a comprehensive examination.